The annual Hilltoppers for Christ Fall Retreat was October 14 – 16 at Eagle Ridge Retreat Center, just outside of Bowling Green.

The guest speaker was Wes Claiborne, current campus minister at Racers for Christ, a campus ministry at Murray State University, and former youth minister at Greenwood Park. The theme of the weekend was Living the Way of Jesus. From the Gospel of Luke and Acts Wes taught that the example of the way Jesus lived in Luke affected the way the earliest Christians lived in Acts. Specifically, they learned how prayer, the Holy Spirit, and the table were large parts of Jesus’ ministry, and would eventually be a major part of the early church’s ministry. They also discussed ways to apply Jesus’ examples and teachings to their lives and HFC.

29 currents students and 16 adults and recent HFC graduates (45 total people) went on the retreat. That weekend they prayed, read Scripture, sang songs, worshiped God, ate s’mores around the bonfire, met in small breakout groups, did crafts, played volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, and many other activities!

We want to thank Amanda Brown, Mike and Kathy Johnson, and Katelyn Cole for cooking and preparing all the meals. We also really appreciate Wes and Heather Claiborne for pouring into our students all weekend.