4-Years-Old + Kindergarten

4-Years-Old + Kindergarten

Bible Builders (4-Years-Old + Kindergarten)

Welcome to GP Kids! We love our Bible Builders! To get a clear idea of what to expect when visiting with GP Kids and to review check-in procedures, please follow this link. Click this link to see our GP Kids COVID-19 Update. See the drop-down menus below for all the programs offered to your Bible Builder. We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday Morning Bible Class 9:00 A.M. – 9:45 A.M.
  • On Sunday mornings, our four-year-old children and kindergartners meet together upstairs (follow the Treehouse stairwell and turn left).
  • This class, along with the other classes 2-years old through 3rd grade, utilizes The Gospel Project curriculum to cover the same Bible story material, in different, age-appropriate ways. Our hope is that this continuity across ages and grade levels will facilitate meaningful conversations about God’s Word in your family. With The Gospel Project curriculum, the lessons and videos make a Christ connection each week to teach how Jesus is found throughout every book of the Bible, helping our GP Kids stay ROOTED in God’s Word and Christ’s Love. 
  • Remember to follow the Kids Check-In signs to collect your KidCheck name tag on your way to class or, for first-time guests, use a green temporary name tag.
Sunday Morning During Worship around 10:30 A.M. – 11:15 A.M.

Welcome to Children’s Worship!

  • During the sermon, except for Family Worship on the last Sunday, we provide a differentiated time of worship for our children four-years-old through 1st grade.
  • Children’s Worship invites ages 4-years-old through 1st grade to learn Bible stories through monthly themes and Bible verses, story props, videos, and lesson-related crafts and games every Sunday except the last Sunday of the month, which is a Family Worship day. Families will use the middle stairwell to go upstairs to the ROOTED Treehouse after communion and pick-up after the sermon. Before drop-off, use the check-in station at the base of the Treehouse stairwell or, for our first time guests, use a temporary green name tag and matching number tag to ensure safety. 
  • Children’s Worship follows a guided curriculum that helps train these eager young learners to be ROOTED in God’s Word, ROOTED in Christ’s love, and ROOTED in church fellowship! We hope you will join us! 

Enjoy Family Worship!

  • We cherish times to worship with our little ones! We reserve the last Sunday of every month as a Family Worship Sunday. On these special Sundays, children remain with their families/guardians in the auditorium for the entire worship service. When children see their loved ones delight in the worship of God, it can stir the same longing in their hearts. We offer coloring pages, quiet activities, and books at the Welcome Center for your family to borrow. The nursery will remain available for children 6 months through 2-years-old (not yet in the 2-year-old class).
Wednesday Night 6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.

ROOTED Bible Drill + Character Encounters, 6:30-7:00

  • Wednesday nights begin with our GP Kids from 4-years-old through 6th grade meeting together in our ROOTED Treehouse from 6:30-7:00 for a Bible Drill. We “Seek and Find” answers to questions in the Bible and recite the Bible Drill based on Paul Savage’s material that helps kids learn Bible facts and memorize Scriptures. Our GP Kids take an active role as our Bible Drill leaders! As our GP Kids memorize and master new Bible knowledge, they grow more deeply ROOTED in the Word and hopefully develop a deeper loving relationship with God.   
  • Once a month our collective group breaks from practicing the Bible Drill in order to meet a hero of faith from the Bible. When we have a Character Encounter in our ROOTED Treehouse, our GP Kids meet people from the Bible and hear stories from a first person perspective. Using costumes and specific Bible story related props, different GP members help the Bible come to life!

Age Level Class: Bible Builders, 7:00-7:30

  • On Wednesday nights at 7:00, our students are dismissed from our whole group time and go to their age-level classes. The 4-years-old children and kindergarteners head to the Bible Builders class, an originally developed GP curriculum. The Bible Builders class uses The Read and Share Bible and videos to guide their lessons while also making special binders to hold lesson crafts, games, and Bible materials. Families are invited into class to review the binders throughout the year, and the children take their binders home at the end of the school year to keep. Hopefully this special Bible binder can be reviewed often and keep your young children ROOTED in God’s Word!