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Ladies Ministry

Ladies Ministry

The women’s ministry at Greenwood Park strives to meet the diverse needs of both its members and non-members alike. In 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, the scripture reveals to women the variety of gifts that enable them to meet the needs of others. We demonstrate the mission of our church in three ways. First, elevate God through Bible studies that focus on the example of Christ. Second, embrace a shared life through fellowship with each other and showing sensitivity and love to each other. Third, engage the broken world by reaching out to those with needs in our community and welcoming them into our church family.

How does our ladies ministry fit our mission statement?

Elevate God

We elevate God by utilizing His Word as the road map for our women’s ministry. We want to reflect the teachings of Christ in our study, guided by the particular needs of the women in our congregation–needs that most women share. There are a variety of classes and fellowship groups for all women at Greenwood Park. There are groups geared toward women of different ages and an all inclusive study where we can put into practice Titus 2, which exhorts older women to teach the younger women. Our fellowship gatherings allow us to come together to meet with old friends and form new friendships with women in our congregation and the community. We strive to elevate God by reflecting Him, not only to our friends and neighbors, but to the world through the international community in Bowling Green and through our mission work in Central American.

Embrace a Shared Life

Our fellowship allows us to embrace a shared life by meeting together, giving love to others, and sharing our enthusiasm for God. We meet together in prayer, trusting in God’s answer. We share in our study of scriptures using God’s Holy Word as we examine the teachings of Jesus the Christ. At Greenwood Park, there is a class for Sunday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday night,  and other small group activities. There is much to celebrate as we embrace each other and the world around us. (Hebrews 13:2)

Engage a Broken World

The women of Greenwood Park desire to be called the children of God, we want the world to know us as women who engage ourselves in helping to fulfill the needs of others in our community (1 John 3:1-2). We strive to meet the needs of the sick, and assist in empowering the international families to adjust to their new life in our community. We support our mission team either by participating in travel, preparation of needed items, and in prayers for their success and safety.  We strive to look like Jesus as we engage in the world around us.