Ministries (Page 2)

Ministries (Page 2)

Greenwood Park Church of Christ Elevates God, Embraces a shared life, and Engages a broken world through a variety of ministries. From children through our seasoned adults, we provide ways for Christ followers of any age to connect with other believers and utilize their spiritual gifts. A list of our largest ministries are located on the left side of this page. Explore the links and find a place for you to plug in!

Engage Ministry

At Greenwood Park, we have a mission to Elevate God, Embrace a Shared Life, and Engage the Broken World. Engage Ministry seeks to minister to the needs in and around Bowling Green for people who need the Kingdom to be active in their life. This includes those who need clothing, the hungry, the thirsty, those in prison, the sick and those who are strangers to us. Engage Ministry offers: Life Coaching Financial Counseling Career Counseling Transportation Assistance Substance Abuse Guidance…

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry at Greenwood Park strives to meet the diverse needs of both its members and non-members alike. In 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, the scripture reveals to women the variety of gifts that enable them to meet the needs of others. We demonstrate the mission of our church in three ways: first, elevate God through Bible studies that focus on the example of Christ; second, embrace a shared life through fellowship with each other and showing sensitivity and love to…

Missions Ministry

Missional Church What does it mean to be a “Missional Church”? It refers to churches that purposely reach out and minister to those who are not a part of their assembly! Greenwood Park has a rich history of ministry in foreign missions, benevolence, campus ministry and more recently, working with refugees in our community! The international missions work began in the 1970’s with work in Indonesia and Canada and over the years has supported missionaries in India, Honduras, Nicaragua, China,…

Sunday Morning Classes

Join us at 9:00 A.M. on Sunday mornings at one of the following classes: Location: AP 1 Topic: Theme Study of James Teacher(s): Shelia Catlett and Arlene Hudnall Location: AP 2 Topic: Theme Study of James Teacher(s): Mike Tanaro and Steve Scott Location: AP 3 Topic: Francis Chan Study of James Teacher(s): Devin Hall and Mark Evans

International Ministry

The International Ministry took shape in 2008 as Bowling Green began to receive refugees from Iraq, Burma, and Africa. Greenwood Park opened its doors to our new community members to help them become acclimated to the area and let them know that they had a family to turn to for support and assistance during their transition. Through kindness and sharing of God’s Word, we grew our membership and established our presence in the international community in South Central Kentucky. The…
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